Washington DC Medicare Supplement Plans

Washington DC Medicare Supplement Plans

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Washington DC Medicare Supplement Plans

Trying to find the best Washington Medicare Supplement  Plans? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Medicare supplements are also known as Medigap plans which are regulated by the government.  Medigap plans are standardized.

best medicare supplement plans in Washington DC

Where do you start when trying to find the best Medicare plans? First, you need to understand what standardized plans mean.

This simply means that when you purchase a particular Medicare Supplement Plan (for example, Medigap Plan G) it will provide you the same exact coverage no matter which company you buy Plan G from.

That’s right. Your Medicare coverage is the same no matter if it’s Blue Cross Blue Shield, Mutual of Omaha, Equitable, AARP or any other Medigap company.  It’s the LAW!

Medicare Savings

The question remains: How much will you pay for your Washington D.C. Medicare Supplement Insurance? You’re not getting more benefits by paying more.  

So don’t overpay!

What are your potential savings?

Here’s a quick example…

Plan G premiums with ABC insurance company can be very different from XYZ insurance company. Remember, the benefits are the same even if the premiums are different.

We calculated sample quotes from multiple states to show you what the lowest and highest rates are for a 65 year old (non tobacco) male shopping for a Medigap Plan G.

The average monthly premiums from “A” rated companies are:

  • Average Lowest Monthly Rate: $128
  • Average Highest Monthly Rate: $190

Your Potential Monthly Savings!

$ 0

Those savings are hugeThat’s an annual savings of $744!

Again, these Plan G savings all come with the same benefits.

Since the benefits are the same, the only difference from each company is PRICE!

How do Washington D.C. Medicare Supplements Work?

Let’s look at Medigap and compare it to an everyday purchase. 

Think of Medigap plans like buying gas. 

The quality of regular unleaded gasoline (Plan G) is the same at every gas station.  

However, gasoline may have different prices from multiple gas stations in your town. 

You probably buy the least expensive premium gas because it’s the same regardless of which station you buy it from.

This is how Medigap works.  

If you want to purchase a Plan G, shop your Plan G with all the companies in your Zip Code.  

If you are shopping for Plan N, shop all Plan N plans in your Zip Code.

Washington D.C. Medigap Benefits

Plan G benefits are the exact same no matter what company you choose.  

This applies to all Medigap plan letters.  

You do not get better benefits by selecting a big or small insurance company.

Price comparison shopping is extremely important. 

You must make sure that you are not spending more than you have to for the exact same Washington D.C. Medicare Supplement Insurance Coverage.

Compare Washington D.C. Medicare Supplements

It is important to know that even though the coverage for Washington D.C. Medicare Supplement Plans are the same, the rates are not. You need to compare the plan letters from company to company.  For example, compare Medicare Supplement Plan G from multiple companies.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan premium prices are different when comparing Washington D.C. Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies. 

The Medigap lettered plans (Plan G for example) are standardized.  This is a safety net put in place by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) to protect you. Insurance companies, by law, can’t make any changes to standardized Medigap benefits.

CMS, however, does not regulate premiums. Insurance companies adjust rates based on inflation, overhead, medical pay outs, marketing, etc.

Washington D.C. Medigap Locations

Are you wondering if I can help you lower your Medicare Supplement costs? I can!  Below are just some of the areas in Washington D.C. that I serve. Click here if you’re looking for other Medicare Supplement states.

Adams Morgan American University Park Barry Farms Brentwood Village Buena Vista Buzzard Point Capitol Hill Cathedral Heights Central Northeast Chevy Chase Chevy Chase Heights Chinatown Cloisters Colony Hill Cookes Park Crestwood Douglass Dwellings Dupont Circle Dupont Park East Central East End East Washington Heights Eastland Gardens Edgewood Edgewood Terrace Embassy Park Fairlawn Farragut Square Foggy Bottom Forest Hills Fort Davis Fort Dupont Foxhall Foxhall Crescent Foxhall Terrace Franklin McPherson Square Friendship Heights Gateway Giesboro Hampshire Knolls Indian Rock Terrace Isherwood Judiciary Square Kalorama Heights Kalorama Triangle Kingman Park Lanier Heights Lincoln Heights Lincoln Park Little Indian Rock Terrace Logan Circle Marshall Heights Massachusetts Avenue Heights Mayfair-Parkside Metropolis View Michigan Park Mount Vernon Square North Cleveland Park North Michigan Park Northeast Boundary Northwest Rectangle Park Place Park View Penn Branch Pennsylvania Avenue Hights Pinehurst Circle Randle Highlands Reno Riggs Park Rock Creek Gardens Rosedale Scott Circle Senate Heights Shaw Shepherd Park Sheridan-Kalorama Shipley Terrace Southeast Southwest Stanton Park Sutton Place The Cloisters Thomas Circle Truxton Circle University Heights Varnum Washington City West End West Over View Westchester Westminster Westmoreland Terrace Westover Place Woodland

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