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Here’s a quick story on two very common scenarios that occur with Medicare Supplement purchases.

We have Jim, who is turning 65 and we have Leanne who is a little older and already has a Medicare Supplement plan.

Jim Wanted To Compare Medicare Supplement Rates But Didn’t Know How.

Jim was about to turn 65 when he contacted me for the first time. 

He asked: “How do I compare all of these Medicare Supplement plans?”  This is a frequent question initially because Medicare can get a bit confusing when you start researching your options.  

You may find yourself a little unsure like Jim when you first start looking for Medigap plans. This post will help you discover how to get the best value when it comes to Medicare Supplement insurance.

New To Medicare -Or- Already On Medicare?

Are you like Jim and looking to purchase your first Medigap plan? 

Or are you like another one of our client’s, Leanne? She’s had Medigap for a few years and is looking to lower her current Medicare Supplement premiums.

First, let’s focus on Jim. Jim did a little research before contacting me. He read about changes to Medicare, Medigap and supplemental Medicare insurance rates. He read that costs are rising every year. He was doing his best to be an informed consumer and understand his options.

Medigap Rate Increases

Jim asked a lot of questions. He focused on what most people worry about.  PRICE.  

He wanted to know about rate increases.  I explained that most companies will raise your rate annually. Some more and some less. 

I then asked Jim a question while we were chatting.  “Did you know that some companies will raise rates more than once a year?” Our conversation continued and I asked Jim more questions that he was unaware of.

Like most insurance, Medigap can get confusing if you don’t know what questions to ask.

Our clients are averaging an annual savings of approximately $700 because they learned the following information about Medigap plans!

Your Supplemental Medicare Insurance Rates Do Not Have To Be So High.

Everyone wants to get the right plan at the right price.  Jim contacted me and wanted to get the best price for a Medicare Plan F.  I showed him the best rates for his area, but also showed him Medigap Plan G for even more savings.

Jim was turning 65 and shopping his plan for the first time. We also have people who are over 65 and looking to reduce their premiums, but don’t know what to do.

Leanne was 69 when she contacted us.  She loved her plan and even loved her insurance company because they paid all her claims.  Leanne contacted us because her premiums were rising the past 2 years and she was getting concerned.

Lowering Medicare Supplement Premiums

“Can I save money on my plan?”, Leanne asked me directly.  “It’s very possible.” I explained. “Leanne, did you know that you can change Medicare Supplement companies without changing or losing benefits?”

People often fear change, especially with insurance. Leanne did initially. But you don’t have to with Medicare Supplements.

Medicare provides you with a federal “30 Day Risk Free” period to protect you.  

That policy is federally enforced and insurance companies must follow it.

Medicare Supplement Benefits

Your Medicare benefits may stay exactly the same as you have them now but at a lower premium.

You read that correctly. Nothing changes except for the money you save. You keep your same doctors and same benefits if you choose.

Does this sound to good to be true?

Need some reassurance?  Leanne did and I was happy to provide it.

You are going to get the information you are looking for straight from the horses mouth. Straight from MEDICARE.  Read below and you will be confident in your decision to save your money instead of giving it to the insurance companies.

What You Need To Know About Medicare Supplements

Jim was new to Medicare and Leanne had been on it for several years.  However, both of them needed to know this information.

Every year the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) provides you with the Medicare & You handbook (please click on our link if you do not have your copy).

The Medicare & You handbook is the official U.S. government Medicare handbook. Your Medicare & You handbook has an entire section on how consumers should shop for their Supplemental Medicare Insurance Rates and Plans.

This is something that is always available to consumers, but not easily found.

Perhaps the most important bit of information that our clients are unaware of:

The benefits and policies that you get from your Medigap plan are made by CMS, not the insurance companies!  This is very important to know.  Remember this and keep reading!

So “How Do I Compare Medigap Policies?”

“Different insurance companies may charge different premiums (prices) for the same exact policy

As you shop for a policy, be sure you’re comparing the same policy (for example, compare Plan A from one company with Plan A from another company).”

So if you are like Leanne and currently have a Plan F, let us find you a Plan F at a lower rate.  We speak with people everyday that can save HUNDREDS of dollars off of their yearly premium by completing a simple application.  Call us at 1-888-411-1329 if you have any questions.

Start keeping your money instead of giving it away to the insurance companies!  Need a little more information? 

 Keep reading!

Supplemental Medicare Insurance Rates

How does this highlighted statement from the CMS Medicare & You handbook benefit you? Remember what we said before? CMS (not the insurance companies) is telling you to SHOP because companies charge different premiums for the same exact policy!

Medicare Supplement 30 Day Free Look Period

CMS even put into law that you have a “30 Day Free Look” period because they want you to be reassured.  You can apply, get a lower rate that saves you hundreds of dollars, and if you want to go back to your previous and more expensive insurance company, you can!

No questions asked.  It’s the law!

The federal government makes the laws and rules for your Medigap benefits to protect you, not the insurance companies.  Insurance companies  come up with the supplemental Medicare insurance rates.

CMS’ handbook provides you with the information and reassurance that when REMEDIGAP finds you a better rate, you know you are getting the same exact policy benefits for less money!  Supplemental Medicare insurance rates are the most important factor when comparing companies because all companies must follow the same laws and rules.

We hear it everyday when speaking with new clients about their current company.  “My company pays all my doctor bills.”  Does this sound familiar?


All Medicare Supplement companies must pay Medicare approved claims. It is the LAW. Those insurance companies aren’t paying those bills because they are nicer, better, more organized, or more established.

The Medicare insurance supplement plans are lawfully obligated to pay every MEDICARE APPROVED CLAIM!  The Medicare supplement companies have no decision making process with payment of claims like Medicare Advantage HMO plans or individual/group health plans. Medigap insurance companies cannot decide what procedure, medicine, or surgery to pay.

How REMEDIGAP can help

If you are wanting to start off with the best plan like Jim or lower your current rates like Leanne, stop waiting. Start today with a free quote and discover how easy it is to secure the best Medicare plan.

Please call us today so you don’t waste one dollar more for the same exact policy and benefits.  You can reach us at 888-411-1329 or simple fill out our free quote form on the right side of the article.

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