Medicare Plan N vs Plan G


Medicare Plan N vs Plan G

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Medicare Plan N vs Plan G: Which Medigap plan is best?

If you’re confused about which plan to buy, don’t worry — you’re not alone. The good news is that Medicare Supplement Plan N and Medicare Supplement Plan G are two of the most popular Medicare Supplement plans (also known as Medigap plans). Medigap Plan N and G are very easy to compare as they share most of the same benefits. In this review, we’ll explain several similarities and differences between Medicare Plan N vs Plan G. By the end, you’ll be a smarter Medigap shopper who will be able to make an informed choice about which Medicare Supplement plan to buy.

In this article we’ll discuss:

medicare supplement plans are STANDARDIZED!

IMPORTANT: Medicare Supplement Plans are standardized throughout the country (except in Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin). There are 10 Medigap plans that are labeled with a specific plan letter. Currently, the available plans to purchase are F, G, N, A, B, C, D, K, M and L.

Medigap plans are sold by private insurance companies. With standardized plans, any plan type with the same plan letter has to provide the same benefits no matter the health, age or location of the beneficiary. That makes comparing Medigap policies simple.

In other words, a Plan N from Cigna has the same benefits as a Plan N from Aetna or Mutual of Omaha.

medicare supplement plan g vs n Comparison Chart

Medicare Supplement Benefits Plan G Plan N
Medicare Part A coinsurance & hospital costs (up to additional 365 days after medicare benefits are used Yes Yes
Medicare Part B coinsurance or copayment Yes Yes
Blood (first 3 pints) 3 Yes Yes
Part A hospice care coinsurance or copayment Yes Yes
Skilled nursing facility care coinsurance Yes Yes
Part A deductible Yes Yes
Part B deductible NO NO
Part B excess charges Yes NO
Foreign travel emergency (up to plan limits) Yes Yes

Medicare supplement plan g vs n: What do they cover?

As you can see from the chart above, Medicare Supplement Plan N and Plan G will cover most of the big time costs that are leftover from Original Medicare

However, neither Plan N nor Plan G will cover your Part B deductible. Medicare Part B will cover your outpatient services. These Part B services cover visits to your doctor or physician’s office. Once you meet your plan’s deductible for the year, your Medigap plan will begin to provide coverage.

What is the difference between Medicare Supplement Plan N and Plan G?

Medigap Plan G will provide you more protection than Medigap Plan N. Here are the two coverage areas that Medicare Plan G covers, that Medicare Plan N will not:

Medigap Plan N Does Not Cover:

  • Copayments: With Medicare Supplement Plan N, you are responsible for all of the copays. These copayment amounts range from $0 - $20 for some office visits and up to $50 if you need to go to the ER. This $50 copay is waived if you are admitted as an inpatient.
  • Excess Charges: Some providers charge this additional cost. You need to be aware that most providers that accept Medicare will also accept something called "Medicare assignment". This is what Medicare says they are responsible for paying for a specific service. If your healthcare provider wants to be paid more than this approved amount, then they may bill you for these particular excess charges. Just be aware that Part B excess charges can only be an extra 15% of the original cost. In other words, your provider can't charge you more than 15% over the Medicare assigned rate and still be paid by Medicare.

Premium costs of Medigap Plan N vs Plan G?

Not only are there differences in coverage between Medigap Plan N and Medigap Plan G, the cost of these Medicare Supplement plans have shown a tendency to vary as well.

In some cases by a significant amount. Premiums for these plans will vary by the Medigap company that sells it.

Medicare Supplement Plan G is usually more expensive than Medicare Supplement Plan N.

The reason Plan G costs more is because it provides more coverage.  Since Plan G typically has a more expensive premium, it actually may save you money in the long run.

For example, if you go to the emergency room a few times throughout the year, or if you need to visit your doctor’s office for treatment regularly, your out-of-pocket costs with Plan N could easily add up and cost you more than if you had selected Plan G.


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Medicare Supplement Plan G is one of the 10 Medigap plans available to Medicare Supplement shoppers. It is the second most popular plan behind Plan F.

Medicare Supplement Plan N is one of the 10 Medigap plans available to Medicare Supplement shoppers. It is the third most popular plan behind Plan G and F. 

Medicare Plan N Vs Plan G

Which Medigap Plan is the best choice for you?

The best plan is the one that is going to meet your coverage, lifestyle and budget goals. Your situation is unique. 

Plan G may be the best choice if you don’t want to deal with copayments because you go to your doctor frequently. Your premium may be a little higher, but avoiding the hassle of copays may be worth it to you. Plan N might be the right choice if you’re in good health and looking to save money with a lower premium.

At REMEDIGAP, we’re here to help you figure this all out. Comparing companies and all of these plans can get pretty stressful. We hear it everyday how overwhelming it is shopping for the best Medigap plans. Don’t worry, it’s why we’re here.  We’ll make this process easy for you. REMEDIGAP only works with top rated Medigap companies, and we work hard finding low premium plans for our Medicare clients.

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