Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement

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Find affordable Medicare Supplement plans

When you’re shopping for a Medicare Supplement plan (also called Medigap), you may have come across Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement. Before you decide on purchasing their Medicare products, you’ll want to know some details about their company and products.

Mutual of Omaha is one of many Medigap companies we recommend for our clients. This review will give you some background on their company as well as product highlights. By the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision if Mutual of Omaha is a good fit for you.

In this article we’ll discuss:

Mutual Of Omaha Medicare Supplement

About Mutual of Omaha

Do you remember the television program named “The Wild Kingdom?” It was hosted by Marlin Perkins and was popular in the 60s, 70s & 80s. The show was sponsored and began with the phrase, “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom — the company that pays.

What kind of insurance is Mutual of Omaha? MOO offers a wide range of health and accident products for individuals and groups throughout the U.S.

Depending on your state, Mutual Of Omaha sells Medicare supplement plans F, G N and A. Medigap Plans F and A are sold in all states. Mutual Of Omaha Insurance Company got its start in 1909. They are a mutual company and their subsidiaries are:

  • Omaha Insurance Company
  • Omaha Financial Holdings
  • United Of Omaha Life Insurance Company
  • Mutual Of Omaha Investors Services
  • Companion Life Insurance Company
  • United World Life Company

Mutual of Omaha Insurance Rating

Mutual of Omaha is committed to maintaining superior financial strength. Mutual of Omaha and their subsidiaries have excellent financial ratings from the top rating agencies.

Mutual of Omaha Details

A.M. Best Rating: A+
Standard & Poor’s: A+
Moody's: A1
Better Business Bureau: A+
Phone: 1-800-775-1000
Address: 3300 Mutual of Omaha Plaza Omaha, Nebraska 68175
Website: https://www.mutualofomaha.com/

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Reviews

Mutual of Omaha is highly recommended and one of the top Medicare Supplement companies. A Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement policy offers you the following:

  • Initial 12-month rate is locked in.
  • A 30-day “free look period”
  • Guaranteed renewable health insurance coverage
  • National coverage (go to any hospital, see any doctor or specialist that accepts Medicare)
  • Majority of supplement plans have some foreign travel coverage

What are the advantages with buying Mutual of Omaha Medicare plans?

  • Household discount are available in some states
  • Quick no-hassle e-application
  • Excellent customer service and claims support
  • Policies issued quickly (often on the same day!)
  • MyPolicyHQ.com which allows MOO customers to access their policy details, review their EOBs, print ID cards, update their personal info, monitor claims payments and set up automatic payments.

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plans

Mutual of Omaha’s Medicare Supplement plans are very popular with Medigap shoppers. Anyone looking for excellent benefits that fill in the Medicare gaps coverage should look closely at MOO.

Omaha Medicare Supplements offers several Medigap plans. These individual Medicare Supplement plans include the most popular plans like Plan G, Plan N and Plan F. 

REMEDIGAP specializes in helping find these Medigap plans for you. You’ll be able to see how Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement rates match up with some of the other insurance companies. From big-name carriers like Transamerica & Cigna to others you may not have heard of like Western United Life.

Below are the 3 most popular Mutual of Omaha supplemental insurance plans:

Mutual of Omaha Plan F

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan F has been the most popular Medigap plan. The reason is because Medigap Plan F provides the most complete coverage when comparing all of the Medigap supplement plans. With Mutual of Omaha Plan F, you typically don’t run into situations where you’ll have out of pocket spending towards your Medicare Part A or Part B services.

As of January 1, 2020, Plans C, F and High Deductible F cannot be sold to those newly eligible for Medicare. Newly eligible is defined as anyone who: (a) attains age 65 on or after January 1, 2020


Medigap Plan F Overview

Medicare Supplement Benefits Plan F Covers?
Medicare Part A coinsurance & hospital costs (up to additional 365 days after medicare benefits are used Yes
Medicare Part B coinsurance or copayment Yes
Blood (first 3 pints) 3 Yes
Part A hospice care coinsurance or copayment Yes
Skilled nursing facility care coinsurance Yes
Part A deductible Yes
Part B deductible Yes
Part B excess charges Yes
Foreign travel emergency (up to plan limits) Yes

Mutual of Omaha Plan G

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan G is the 2nd most popular Medigap plan. Mutual of Omaha Plan G provides all the coverage benefits of Plan F except for the Part B deductible. You’re responsible for paying for the Part B deductible.

Medigap Plan G is great for people who want to save money by simply paying the Part B deductible on their own. Plan G also has a pretty stable rate increase history.

Plan G Overview

Medicare Supplement Benefits Plan G Covers?
Medicare Part A coinsurance & hospital costs (up to additional 365 days after medicare benefits are used Yes
Medicare Part B coinsurance or copayment Yes
Blood (first 3 pints) 3 Yes
Part A hospice care coinsurance or copayment Yes
Skilled nursing facility care coinsurance Yes
Part A deductible Yes
Part B deductible Yes
Part B excess charges Yes
Foreign travel emergency (up to plan limits) Yes

medicare supplement plan g rate increase history

On average, Medigap Plan G has been showing an approximate increase of 5% per year. The majority of Medicare Supplement plans from Mutual of Omaha are age-attained.

This means that the policy can increase annually 1 or 2 times from inflation and age. This doesn’t happen every year as sometimes there will be no inflation related increases. When looking at overall price increases, Mutual has shown stability.

Mutual of Omaha Plan N

Medicare Supplement Plan N comes in 3rd place when looking at overall popularity.  However, Plan N has recently become very popular with the potential savings it provides. 

With Plan N, you’ll get help with all of the coverage gaps except for the Part B deductible, some copayments when visiting your doctor & emergency rooms, and your excess charges.

How much do Mutual of Omaha medicare supplement plans cost?

Premiums for Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plans vary depending on a several factors. These can include your location, gender, age, tobacco use and your health. To get an idea of accurate rates of the most popular Medigap plans F, G, and N we can provide you a custom quote. Get started by clicking on "GET QUOTES" on this page.

What Do Mutual of Omaha Medigap Plans Cover?

All Medicare supplement policies are standardized. This simply means that you get the same benefits as someone else who has the same plan letter. To make sure you understand the benefits associated with each MOO plan, we’ve include what services Medicare pays for and what you’re responsible for.

Ready to Explore Mutual of Omaha Medicare Options?

REMEDIGAP has helped thousands of Medicare beneficiaries with their Medigap plan options. Would like help exploring your Medicare Supplement choices in your area? Contact us today and receive free assistance. We’re independent licensed brokers who are here to help your review your plan choices with the top companies, including United of Omaha Medicare supplements. We also help our clients review their medications and analyze which Medicare Part D drug plans can offer them the lowest premiums and copays every year.

Call 1-888-411-1329 and have someone in your corner today with Medicare.

Find affordable Medicare Supplement Insurance plans in your area


We know that Medicare can be confusing.  We also know that everyone's situation is different. That's why we're here to help. Schedule your free consultation now!

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