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  • I am so thrilled to have this selection over with. The relief is beyond description. Joann listens and talks straight. And with me if I hear or feel something is off I will politely exit the conversation. My questions and feedback were truthfully answered and at no time did I get the feeling that I was being lead, pushed or a sales pitch was happening. It was great service. Thank you and thanks for listening.

    thumb Pilan Sue Butts

    5 star review  I found Joann on YouTube while researching supplemental insurance. Her videos are so easy to understand Medigap. I have been in contact via email and phone. I highly recommend watching her videos. Thank you Joann for making it easy to navigate this new chapter in my life.

    thumb Tina Hiebert

    5 star review  Best decision I made going through Remdigap. I must have watched 40-50 videos from several different carriers and they mostly seemed shady. One I spoke to Joanne and walked through options, receieved some quotes she took care of the rest with absolutely no pressure. Oh yeah, her videos are clear and concise.

    thumb Joe Moynihan
  • 5 star review  My husband and I have been researching Medigap and Part D plans for months. Once we thought we knew what we were doing, we would find out we didn’t! Lol! If we would have started here, with Joann and REMEDIGAP, it would have been painless! So thankful we found her! Watch the videos, ask ANY question, and rest assured you’ll get a competitive rate and ZERO pressure. We got a super fast response which was helpful with my work schedule. Joann is genuine, easy to talk to, has a great sense of humor! What a Godsend. Feels like good old-fashioned customer service to me. Grateful.

    thumb Angele Navares

    5 star review  I came across Remedigap by chance and after reading some of the reviews I knew I had to check them out. I am so glad I did!!! So glad I had to tell anyone who will listen…hence this review. I cannot thank Joann enough for answering my questions at the 11th hour! She has, hands down, provided me with the most consise straightforward answers to my questions. Without so much as a hint of pressure in one direction or a other, so refreshing…so very important in this day and age when healthcare coverage can be dauntingly confusing! I appreciate it so much!

    thumb Elizabeth Tatge

    5 star review  Phoned them “cold” – based on a local area on aging recommendation and several comments penned by Ms. Quinn on websites. Unlike ALL other agencts, only Joann refrained from asking for my commitment to by a plan through them. At the same time, Joann put some searches into play and has promised to phone me once more with additonal input. It was I who offered to write this testimonial. Withouit purchasing a policy, it is the only way I know to express my gratitude for her professional conduct and genuine concern. Thank you, Joann! PS: You can take the teacher out of the school, but you can’t take the schoolteacher away. Your videos are very clearly laid-out: like a carefully constructed lesson

    thumb Karen P. Katz
  • 5 star review  Highly recommend REMEDIGAP videos if you want to understand the Medicare/medigap maze. Joann was thorough in her responses to my questions and requests for rates. Undoubtedly, I will be contacting this company when it is time for me to purchase a medigap policy.

    thumb Rick Graves

    5 star review  Very professional and courteous service. I will have a long term relationship with this business!

    thumb Jack Broome

    5 star review  This was the best thing I could have done for my self every thing was explained to me so I could make the best choice for me.And when I need help later they will be there for me .

    thumb Diane Langille-stone
  • 5 star review  I left my Medicare Advantage HMO for a Medigap Plan N — I’m so happy I made the change. Joann was there to help me every step of the way and make the process so easy. What could have been an overwhelming situation ended up being completely stress free, thanks to Joann.

    thumb Lorraine Roche

    5 star review  Mere words cannot express my gratitude after our phone conversation today. What a relief having good information on hand concerning Medicare and Medigap. Thank you for doing what you do! Blessings, David Delhomme

    thumb David L Delhomme

    5 star review  I emailed Joann with a question about using Tricare for Life insurance with Medicare. Her response was almost immediate and the info was exactly what I needed. She even included a chart to help me understand. This site is awesome!

    thumb Diana L. Strong

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 28 reviews
by Alan Duncan on REMEDIGAP
Medigap Selection

Joann was exceptionally professional in helping the choice of Medigap supplier and plan type. Most notably was her sharing of info on all the plans so I could make an informed choice. There were a few problems along the way that she was able to help me sort out. Once the choice was made, I was in a plan with no delay.
I would strongly recommend her to help with any of your medical or drug plan needs.

by Mike on REMEDIGAP
Someone you can trust

Thank you for all your help. I was lost with so many questions and nowhere to turn to. That's when i found you on You Tube and my day got better. You gave me sound advice and answered my many questions so patiently and were always polite. I would recommend you to anyone i know without hesitation.

by Thomas K. on REMEDIGAP
Peace of Mind!

Thanks for sending that nice card. The Medigap policy that you set up for me is doing just fine. I love knowing I have peace of mind if I ever need to use it.

by Peggy S. on REMEDIGAP
Helpful and Patient!

Thank you so very much for all your help, responsiveness, and your kind patience! You made this
process rather painless, for which I am most grateful!

As you suggested, I shall be in touch, if I have any questions or concerns -- thank you!

by Thomas K. on REMEDIGAP
Made the process easy

Thank you so much for all your help with my Medigap plan. You're the best!! If I have any questions , I'll definitely reach out to you in the future. I'm so glad I found you on You Tube to make this process of Medigap so very easy to understand and being so helpful to me. Much obliged.


I am so happy that I found you on You Tube. I am very pleased with all the help I have received and will continue to receive.

by Gary D. on REMEDIGAP
Thank you for the help...

Once I found your “YouTube” videos and received information from you and your website it was easy to make a Medigap insurance choice.

by Lou B. on REMEDIGAP
Integrity and Excellent Guidance

Thank you so much Joann. You know we really appreciate your integrity in providing us excellent help and guidance thru this process. You certainly made what could be a very painful and costly process a relatively easy and successful one! When we do this again, we will certainly be calling you.

by Diane T on REMEDIGAP

I agree with all the positive comments about Joann. At first I thought "this is too good to be true." Well, she is GOOD at what she does, and it is TRUE service. Thank you for clarifying the muddy maze of Medicare.

Clear and complete explanations

Thank you, Joann, for a clear and complete explanation. Whenever I have started researching insurance plans, I quickly grew numb. With your explanations, however, I got insight and clarity, not the numbness, confusion, and inaction other sources have induced. Thank you again.

by Mark T. on REMEDIGAP
Thank you!!

Thank you very much for your help throughout this whole process of trying to decide on a carrier and then applying. I'm so glad this is finally over!

I admire that you voluntarily passed along info to me about companies you didn't even carry, showing that you had my best interests in mind. I wish you and your business well.

by Robert K. on REMEDIGAP
Medicare Options

Turning 65, Joann guided me through the sea of Medicare options. She ALWAYS promptly and courteously replied to all my questions that I had. She never pushed one plan over another but rather showed me my options. In the end you have to be happy with what is right for YOU !!! I know ANY questions or concerns that I may have in the future will be professionally addressed by Joann. It was by dumb chance that I learned of Remedigap via the Internet but I am glad our paths crossed.

by Donna S on REMEDIGAP
Great Service

Joann was and is a godsend for my husband and I. She patiently walked us through the Medicare, Medigap, Prescription D maze with professionalism, knowledge, care and concern. She took her time to research and discuss my many questions and spoke with me at length to provide answers and suggestions. For anyone beginning the Medicare journey, Joann is a priceless asset that will make the journey easier, and ultimately save you time and money while assuring you that you have the best products for your situation. I recommend Joann highly and feel no one will be disappointed working with her.

by Sondra T on REMEDIGAP
You are the Best!!!

Joann, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your help. Last year you made an extremely stressful process so much easier to understand with your videos and your willingness to explain things. Now once again this year you have been there to answer my questions even though you aren’t actually signing me up. You’ve never failed to answer an email. It’s so heartwarming to know that there are still people in this world like you who really enjoys helping others!

by Rick G on REMEDIGAP
Great Source for Info and Medigap Plans

Simply put, Joann's Medicare E-course is your best source for easy to understand Medicare information. Medicare consulting/education services will charge up to $250 to help one reach an informed Medicare decision; save your money and view Joann's videos. And if you want friendly, personalized customer service when purchasing a Medigap plan, Joann is accessible and more than happy to help.

by Jeanne W on REMEDIGAP
Honest and Effective Help

I had to take a moment to thank Joann for her wisdom, customer service, patience and her ability to clearly communicate. I will be turning 65 in February and I personally needed to find an independent person who was not trying to sell me anything regarding my Medicare decisions. Finding Remedigap's website did exactly that. I watched Joann's videos and learned more there than talking with agents from various companies. I reached out to contact Remedigap and almost immediately heard back from Joann directly. Since using her services, she continues to provide fast, efficient and effective feedback to any question or concern I raise. I cannot speak more highly of the service provided.

by Sherry E. on REMEDIGAP
The best and easiest to understand

Thank you, I will let you know. I have definitely decided to use your services when I decide which plan works best for me. I will be in touch very soon. Thanks for all your videos and information. I have watched various other videos and yours are the best and easiest to understand.

by Richard R on REMEDIGAP
Simple Thank You

Good Morning Joann.

This time an email is simply to thank you. Thank you for having made the Medicare/Medigap process so smooth and easy. It started at the front-end, with the well-prepared, clear and pleasant to listen to organized presentations that walked me through the otherwise cluttered mess of important information. Then you were so kind and courteous and professional in scheduling and conducting our telephone meetings. And then, as a touch of class and a powerful relief from additional stress in this busy world, you filled out the necessary paperwork that was needed to effect the plan. Yes, I did notice, and I did appreciate, that you took the time and completed the forms rather than just dumping them out to me to do.

So, a smiling thank you to you (with your husband) for your assistance.
I am looking forward to hearing from the insurer, and then to working with you to accomplish any additions and/or changes that might become needed later.

by Thom C on REMEDIGAP
Thank You!

First, I want to thank you for the teaching videos as they are the only explanations I have been able to comprehend.
As I now understand it,I would like utilize your services in getting a plan G

by Doug M. on REMEDIGAP
Your videos have been very helpful!

Thank you so much for your informative videos on Medicare. I am going to be turning 65 in the next few months and have been doing extensive research on my options. Your videos have been very helpful!

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