REMEDIGAP Medicare Supplement Testimonials


Here are just a few examples of the potential savings REMEDIGAP clients have experienced:


"I always felt comfortable talking to Joann on the phone. Everything has been working out great.
I went from Plan F to Plan G and saved $100 a month."

Medigap Testimonials
Joanne P
Saved $1200 this year!

I would like to thank you for all the work you have done for me over the past two years. You are very professional and informative and you have a caring, friendly attitude/personality to enhance your communication. I love your cards...the one with the kids peeking under the tent and the one with the fish doing laps in the fishbowl were so funny. I think of you not as my insurance agent but as a friend. Thanks again.

Martha V
Martha V
She saved $102 a month by not purchasing directly from the carrier.

"The first time I spoke with Joann, I felt very comfortable. I saved a lot of money and that's what counts! Joann keeps in touch with me throughout the year. That's important to me."

Medigap Testimonial
Connie L
Saved $876 this year!

I felt obligated to stay with my original insurance company because they were good to me. Then they raised my premium to over $200. You helped me realize that the insurance company is required to pay my bills, they aren't doing it to be nice. Thank you Joann.

Donald D
Donald D
Saved $670 this year and got MORE benefits than his previous plan.

"I was worried about switching plans because I thought another company might not be as good. Joann made me feel secure in switching plans. She explained how my Plan F would still be a Plan F with another company. I didn't realize Plan F is Plan F no matter who you get it with."

Medigap Review
Diane S
Saved $804 this year!

Thank you for all your help. I feel like I've gained a new friend.

Medigap Testimonial
Carolyn S
Saved $828 this year!

"I felt like my premium was too high. My friend told me how Joann helped her lower her premium. When I spoke to Joann she took the time to answer my questions and told me how much I could save. I thought, "Wow, this lady really knows her stuff."

Medicare Supplement Testimonial
Chris S
Saved $504 this year!

"My sister-in-law referred me to Joann when I turned 65. Joann made the process so easy for me.
I'm going to refer my sister when she turns 65."

Medicare Supplement Testimonials
Nancy P

Hi Joann:
Do appreciate what you are doing for me. Thank you for helping me with my Medicare insurance.

Elwyn M.
Elwyn M.
Saved $672 this year moving from Plan F to Plan F

I am very happy that I found Joann Quinn on the Internet. I am losing my company sponsored retiree health insurance and I was overwhelmed with the choices and process of finding my own Medigap and Part D policies. My former employer hired a retiree health exchange to handle the transition. They only offered me 3 Medigap policies to choose from and the customer care from the retiree health exchange was poor. Joann was very helpful and found a policy that saved me $504 per year over the policy that was recommended by the rep at the retiree health exchange. I have told two friends that will be Medicare eligible in a couple of years that when they need a Medigap policy to save their sanity and call Joann first.

Medicare supplement testimonial
Barbara J
Saved $504 this year!



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 12 reviews
by Sherry E. on REMEDIGAP
The best and easiest to understand

Thank you, I will let you know. I have definitely decided to use your services when I decide which plan works best for me. I will be in touch very soon. Thanks for all your videos and information. I have watched various other videos and yours are the best and easiest to understand.

by Richard R on REMEDIGAP
Simple Thank You

Good Morning Joann.This time an email is simply to thank you. Thank you for having made the Medicare/Medigap process so smooth and easy. It started at the front-end, with the well-prepared, clear and pleasant to listen to organized presentations that walked me through the otherwise cluttered mess of important information. Then you were so kind and courteous and professional in scheduling and conducting our telephone meetings. And then, as a touch of class and a powerful relief from additional stress in this busy world, you filled out the necessary paperwork that was needed to effect the plan. Yes, I did notice, and I did appreciate, that you took the time and completed the forms rather than just dumping them out to me to do.So, a smiling thank you to you (with your husband) for your assistance.I am looking forward to hearing from the insurer, and then to working with you to accomplish any additions and/or changes that might become needed later.

by Thom C on REMEDIGAP
Thank You!

First, I want to thank you for the teaching videos as they are the only explanations I have been able to comprehend.As I now understand it,I would like utilize your services in getting a plan G

by Doug M. on REMEDIGAP
Your videos have been very helpful!

Thank you so much for your informative videos on Medicare. I am going to be turning 65 in the next few months and have been doing extensive research on my options. Your videos have been very helpful!

by Michael A. on REMEDIGAP
You provide a service to people

I want you to know that I appreciate your assistance in this matter & unlike the agent who sold me a policy for my wife thru ****** was quick to arrive at my house to sell me a plan for her @575.00 w/ a $5,850.00 deductible That policy was not in our best interest, especially with that cray deductible . YOU provide a service to people & I appreciate that.

by Gary N. on REMEDIGAP
Enjoying your eCourse presentations

Hello Joann,I've been enjoying your eCourse presentations, and have gained a much better understanding of the mess that is Medicare.

by Jeanne T. on REMEDIGAP
I need to do this!

Thank You - That was a great informative video ! I need to do this !

by Jim S. on REMEDIGAP
I with I had seen your info first!

Joann,I just wanted to let you know that I have received more information about Medigap insurance from your emails and videos than anybody else. ******'s representative called me last Friday(first time I have heard from them since early May). She had to ask ME what plan I had chosen. I wish I had seen your information first.Thank you anyway. You do great work.

by James S. on REMEDIGAP
Should have come to you first!

Should have come to you first...****** ***'s people acted like the jilted lover when I told them I wanted to switch to REMEDIGAP!

by Doug M. on REMEDIGAP

Thanks for the quick response. Should have mentioned in my first email how informative the email course was and how much it helped me get my head around this issueThanks again

by Elaine T. on REMEDIGAP
Incredibly Helpful

Hi Joann,I watched your video on Plan N and it was incredibly helpful, so thank you for sending me the link. I have to say that your videos are some of the best I've watched on YouTube, in terms of clarity. I really like your presentations.

by Dennis B on REMEDIGAP
Sincere and Professional

Hi Joann,Appreciate the follow up - this may seem strange but since I've viewed many of your videos, you are as you appear - sincere and professional.