Medicare Supplement Testimonials

I Have The Best Medigap Clients In The World!


 Here are some of their wonderful testimonials:

"I always felt comfortable talking to Joann on the phone. Everything has been working out great.
I went from Plan F to Plan G and saved $100 a month."

Medigap Testimonials
Joanne P
Saved $1200 this year!

I would like to thank you for all the work you have done for me over the past two years. You are very professional and informative and you have a caring, friendly attitude/personality to enhance your communication. I love your cards...the one with the kids peeking under the tent and the one with the fish doing laps in the fishbowl were so funny. I think of you not as my insurance agent but as a friend. Thanks again.

Martha V
Martha V
She saved $102 a month by not purchasing directly from the carrier.

"The first time I spoke with Joann, I felt very comfortable. I saved a lot of money and that's what counts! Joann keeps in touch with me throughout the year. That's important to me."

Medigap Testimonial
Connie L
Saved $876 this year!

I felt obligated to stay with my original insurance company because they were good to me. Then they raised my premium to over $200. You helped me realize that the insurance company is required to pay my bills, they aren't doing it to be nice. Thank you Joann.

Donald D
Donald D
Saved $670 this year and got MORE benefits than his previous plan.

"I was worried about switching plans because I thought another company might not be as good. Joann made me feel secure in switching plans. She explained how my Plan F would still be a Plan F with another company. I didn't realize Plan F is Plan F no matter who you get it with."

Medigap Review
Diane S
Saved $804 this year!

Thank you for all your help. I feel like I've gained a new friend.

Medigap Testimonial
Carolyn S
Saved $828 this year!

"I felt like my premium was too high. My friend told me how Joann helped her lower her premium. When I spoke to Joann she took the time to answer my questions and told me how much I could save. I thought, "Wow, this lady really knows her stuff."

Medicare Supplement Testimonial
Chris S
Saved $504 this year!

"My sister-in-law referred me to Joann when I turned 65. Joann made the process so easy for me.
I'm going to refer my sister when she turns 65."

Medicare Supplement Testimonials
Nancy P

Hi Joann:
Do appreciate what you are doing for me. Thank you for helping me with my Medicare insurance.

Elwyn M.
Elwyn M.
Saved $672 this year moving from Plan F to Plan F

I am very happy that I found Joann Quinn on the Internet. I am losing my company sponsored retiree health insurance and I was overwhelmed with the choices and process of finding my own Medigap and Part D policies. My former employer hired a retiree health exchange to handle the transition. They only offered me 3 Medigap policies to choose from and the customer care from the retiree health exchange was poor. Joann was very helpful and found a policy that saved me $504 per year over the policy that was recommended by the rep at the retiree health exchange. I have told two friends that will be Medicare eligible in a couple of years that when they need a Medigap policy to save their sanity and call Joann first.

Medicare supplement testimonial
Barbara J
Saved $504 this year!