GE Retirees Can Get Better Medicare Supplement Options

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Medigap Choices for GE Retirees

GE Retirees have been given limited Medicare insurance choices. GE retirees are being directed to OneExchange. You need to know that OneExchange is not the only resource for purchasing Medigap. GE Retirees can get better Medicare Supplement options in the independent market.

Will GE Retirees benefit from shopping the independent Medicare market?

The answer is YES!  

The Exchange claims to have a  variety of competitively priced plans. That’s not accurate. They do offer plans, but NOT a wide variety and NOT always the best price.

GE one exchange

You won’t know the true cost of a Medigap plan until you shop the independent market. OneExchange will NOT shop it for you.  In fact, we found that in most states they offer plans from only 2 to 3 insurance companies.   And, those companies DO NOT always offer the best premiums.

While this graphic is specific to an area in South Carolina, it does a good job showing you the difference in premium.

GE Retirees Can Get Better Medicare Supplement Options

We checked some other areas of the United States. In Ohio, zip code 44903, OneExchange offers only one Medigap Plan G. That’s right. JUST ONE!  It’s also $21 more a month than the best priced Medigap Plan G in the independent market. In contrast, the independent market has more than ten insurance companies offering Plan G.

Speaking of Plan G. In Texas, zip code 77479, OneExchange doesn’t offer Plan G at all!

It is important to know that plan benefits are based on plan letter.  If you choose a Plan F from OneExchange, it will have the same benefits as Plan F from other companies. There is no difference except for price.

The difference in price for the same plan can be significant.

GE and AT&T – Similar Stories

When AT&T retirees were pushed into an Exchange in 2014, many opted to shop the individual market. We helped them buy policies that would be the best value for their money. GE retirees can do the same thing and use their savings to pay for other policies.

Getting the Best Rate

In 4 easy steps GE retirees can get better Medicare Supplement options. And, most importantly get the most out of your RRA dollars.

  1. Buy a drug plan through OneExchange.
  2. Contact us and we’ll personally shop the Medicare Supplement insurance market.
  3. Compare OneExchange’s quotes with our quotes.
  4. Purchase the Medigap plan with the best value for your hard earned dollar.

Our quotes are always sent to you in a personalized email. No automated robo quotes here!  Request a quote or call us at 1-888-411-1329.

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