Can Medigap Insurance Be Denied?

Can Medigap Insurance Be Denied? “Can you be denied Medigap coverage?” This is a question frequently asked by Medicare Beneficiaries. You can apply for Medicare Supplement insurance (Medigap) if you have Original Medicare Part A and Part B. Can Medigap insurance be denied? That is going to depend on your specific situation. can you be denied medigap

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Switching Medigap Plans – Can you change plans and companies?

can you change medigap plans? Perhaps you bought a Medigap plan and had a low premium initially. But now the rate seems a little high compared to the original premium. If so, you’re probably looking into switching Medigap plans. If you are still in the same Medigap Plan since your Initial Enrollment Period, then your premium

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What are Medicare Part B Excess Charges?

What are Medicare Part B Excess Charges and will they affect me? This is a question that may come up after you’ve been on Medicare for awhile.  Chances are this was not explained when you first enrolled in Medicare. Medicare Excess Charges are related to your Medicare Part B coverage for Medical Services. What is Medicare Assignment? Medicare

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Do I Need a Medicare Supplement If I Have VA Benefits

do i need a medicare supplement if i have VA benefits? That’s a great question and a personal one that can only be answered by you. There are many people who along with Original Medicare have health benefits through Veterans Affairs.  Some use VA benefits as to avoid the gaps in Medicare and the costs

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