Medicare Supplement States

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Medicare Supplement States

Are you looking for Medicare Supplement information specific to your state? Want to know if your coverage or premium costs differ from state to state? Get the Medicare information you need for your resident state.

Is Medicare coverage the same in all states?

You may not be aware, but your location is just one of several factors that determine your Medicare Supplement premium. More specifically, your Zip Code will help determine what your Medicare Supplement premium options will be.

Medicare Supplement plans are standardized by our federal government.  What exactly does standardized mean when comparing Medigap plans?  It simply means Medicare Supplement Plan G with Equitable will have the exact same benefits as a Medicare Supplement Plan G with AARP, Cigna, and all other Medicare Supplement Plan G in your state.

When comparing plans, you must compare plan letters for each company, for example compare a Plan G to Plan G or a Plan F to Plan F.

In 1992, Medicare Supplement plans A-J were the initial standardized plans.  However, in June of 2010, new standardized plans were introduced and were lettered A-N.

Please find and select your state from the list below to find out more about Medigap plans in your state.

All Medicare Supplement Rates Are Not The Same

Although your coverage will be the same for your Medicare Supplement Insurance, your premium rate may be significantly different from each Medigap company. It is always recommended to contact an independent Medicare Supplement agent to compare plans. Independent agents represent multiple Medicare Supplement insurance companies and are not tied to any one company.

We always recommend that you compare no less than 3 separate Medicare Supplement insurance company’s rates for your state. 

Only when you compare rates from multiple Medigap carriers, will you know your are getting a great rate.


To get a no hassle free Medicare Supplement quote, just complete our free quote request on this page.  You also can simply call us at 888-411-1329 and speak to us directly.  All we will need to provide you your quotes is your ZIP code, birth date, gender, and if you use tobacco. It’s our pleasure to help you!

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