Does Medicare Cover Chiropractic?

Does Medicare cover chiropractic care? The short answer is – YES. However, it’s not that simple. Medicare will not pay for every single type of chiropractic service. There are certain requirements that are needed in order to get payment and treatment approved. Let’s look into what Medicare will pay for (and what they won’t). Does

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Medicare Supplement Choices For Mass Mutual Retirees

Are you one of the many senior MassMutual retirees that have been offered limited Medicare Supplement choices with AON?  AON does not have to be your only choice as there are many options available to you. In this post, we’ll walk you through what’s available and how you can probably save some of your hard

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Are Medicare Supplement Plans Worth It?

It can be a huge and costly mistake if you only rely on Original Medicare without any backup coverage. News Flash: Original Medicare does not cover all of your healthcare costs which can leave you with unexpected and costly healthcare bills.  Basic Medicare will only cover 80% of your Medicare approved medical bills. You’re responsible

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Does Medicare Cover Shingles Vaccine?

Does Medicare cover the shingles vaccine? Does Medicare cover Shingrix or Zostavax, the two vaccines used for shingles? How much does the shingles vaccine cost? We’ll answer those questions and more with this overview of the Medicare shingles vaccine. Is the shingles vaccine covered by medicare Part D? Original Medicare will not cover the shingles

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Medicare Plan N vs Plan G – Which is Best?

Comparing Medicare Supplement Plan G vs Plan N Are you new to Medicare? Have you heard about the many plans available to purchase? Deciding which plan is right for you can be stressful. Don’t worry — you’re not alone. The good news is that Plan N and Plan G are two of the most popular plans (also known as Medigap plans). These plans

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American Retirement Life Insurance Company

When researching companies and trying to find the best Medicare supplement, you may have come across the American Retirement Life Insurance Company. Also referred to as ARLIC, they are part of the Cigna family. Before finalizing which Medicare Supplement company you’ll buy from, you’ll want to know several key features and information about them and

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United World Life Insurance Company

United World Life Medicare Supplement  You many not be familiar with the United World Life Insurance Company, but you should. They are part of one of the most successful Medigap insurance companies: Mutual of Omaha. United World Life’s Medicare Supplement plans are one of the most popular products they sell because of their excellent service

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Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement Reviews: Top 10 Company?

manhattan life insurance medicare supplement Manhattan Life Medicare Supplements have become very popular in recent years. REMEDIGAP is an independent broker and Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement plans are just one of the many Medigap companies we represent. We have a lot of experience with this reliable company.  Let’s look more closely at the Manhattan Life

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