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Medicare Supplement shoppers should always reference the plan chart in order to compare the benefits from all of the available plans. Some plans have significant differences while other are minor.

Medigap Plan Chart Comparison

The most popular Medicare Supplement plans are Medigap Plans: F, G, and N.  In the chart below, we’ve included all of the plans for you to compare. We highlighted the most popular plans for you to reference.

Plan chart comparison for Medigap Plans A-N

Remember that Medigap Plans must offer the same coverage and benefits when you compare plans.

2018 Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) plans

For example, Plan F  from one insurance company is the same and Plan F with a competing insurance company. Same plan letters offer the same exact benefits.

The only difference is price.

Remember that, your benefits, doctors and hospital choices remain the same. Any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare will also accept your Medigap plan. So make sure you’re getting the best rate available to you.

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Joann Quinn

Joann Quinn

Hello, my name is Joann Quinn and I'm the co-founder of and a licensed independent insurance agent in multiple states. I've written over 50 articles about Medicare and Medigap insurance. My goal is to make Medicare and Medigap less confusing. I know Medicare seems overly complicated, but with some guidance you'll gain the confidence you need to make important decisions about your benefits.

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