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We’re a Medicare Supplement cost comparison service. Our goal is to find you the least expensive Medigap plans. You simply want to purchase the best Medigap plan at the best price. But Medicare makes things so complicated. We make it easy!

So how can we help you?  It’s simple….

Lowest supplemental medicare insurance rates.

We compare Medicare supplement insurance companies for you. We find you the lowest Medicare Supplemental premiums. Whether you’re shopping for the first time or replacing an expensive Medigap plan. Looking to replace your plan? Your benefits and doctors can stay the same.  Your savings are the only things that change.

You Deserve Better!

Medicare Supplement premiums do not have to be expensive.  We typically save hundreds of dollars off of our client’s yearly premiums. We go farther than your typical agent.  We inform you when (not if) a future Medicare supplement rate increase is coming.  This is just one of our many benefits.

Unfortunately, many of you have never heard from the agency or agent who initially enrolled you in your Medicare supplement. This is unacceptable!

Your rates go up every year and you deserve better than that.  With REMEDIGAP you will receive complementary support long after you have selected your plan.  It’s our pleasure to research rates for you every year to see if you qualify for a lower premium.

Medigap Choices + Knowledge = Savings.

You deserve all the available choices when shopping Medigap insurance companies.  Many other agents and agencies represent only one insurance company.  This limits your options, benefits, and savings when selecting your Medigap plan.

I look out for the top Medicare Supplement companies with the best rates. This is the first step in saving you the most money. Our mission is to find you savings by researching the Medicare plans that fit your budget and lifestyle.

You also deserve excellent service. We take the time to teach our clients how to save. You will learn what plans are the best value.  Many agents will tell you “Get Plan F. That’s what everyone buys.”

Not us. We won’t tell you what to buy. You will learn about all your options. You will learn the pros and cons of Plan F and other Medigap plans.  Then it will be your decision on what to buy.

We pride ourselves in our customer service. You will have access to our wonderful network of professionals and technology that allows us to serve you at the highest level.

I love combining modern technology with old fashioned service.  A winning combination for our clients!  Whether you prefer an appointment at your home, the local coffee shop, over the phone, or an online internet appointment, we can meet your needs.

Think of me as your personal Medicare consultant.  I’ll find you the lowest current Medigap rates and provide you ongoing customer service now and in the future.  I am not an insurance company or an employee of any insurance company.

Internet Appointments with Computer Screen Sharing!

Internet appointments and Screen Sharing?  Yes! Our clients are not afraid of computers, in fact they are thriving on them. Our online appointment is as easy as clicking on an internet link.  You will receive an online appointment email link from us.  Click on the link to start the appointment.

It’s that easy! There is no fee or software for you to download. If you’re reading our website now, you’ll be able to see our screen and interact with us from the comfort of your home.  Here is all you will need: A phone, a computer, an email address and an internet connection. Simple! While on the phone with us, we will email you a link so you will be able to see our computer screen desktop.

Once you click on the emailed link and can see our computer, you will have access to all of our resources.  Quote engines, diagrams, and applications will all be available while you share our computer screen.

Meet in person?

We’d love to!  We are always happy to meet our Central Florida clients where they feel most comfortable.  We have met our clients at their homes, coffee shops, churches, & community centers.  Give us a call and let’s get together to discuss your needs.

Why so many options?  It’s simple, CONVENIENCE!  You have unique needs and we love providing the freedom and flexibility to our clients with our services.

We want you to make informed decisions in a way that’s easiest and most comfortable for you. In addition to our service, we want you to be confident in knowing we’re actually giving you the best medicare quotes available, so you don’t have to spend your valuable time looking elsewhere.

We can help you save hundreds of dollars on your yearly Medicare supplement premiums. Whether you are approaching 65, turning 65 or older, REMEDIGAP can lead you to savings.

You can call us too!

We’d love to speak with you. Call us at 888-411-1329 and request a quote or an appointment.  Take action of your money. You can start saving money today for your exact same plan benefits and coverage that you currently have!


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  1. I’m in Az. I reach 65 in Aug of 2020. Researching and learning now. Want A, B, D and G, based on my research. (I think!). Need dental and vision, as well. Need to know how to wrap that all in one. Can you help? Thanks in advance.

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