Medicare Supplement Insurance Surfside Beach South Carolina

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Looking for great rates for Medicare Supplement Insurance in Surfside Beach South Carolina?


Do you have Medicare Supplement insurance or are new to Medicare? If so, we can quickly find you the lowest Medigap insurance premiums in South Carolina.

Many insurance companies offer competitive Medigap premiums in South Carolina. We have relationships with top Medicare Supplement insurance companies in South Carolina. All of them provide Medigap policies in Surfside Beach, SC.

Below are examples of Plan F rates as of May 2016.

  • Female, age 65 — $123.08
  • Male, age 65 — $136.58


  • Female, age 71 — $135.97
  • Male, age 71 — $152.07


  • Female, age 76 — $161.75
  • Male, age 76 — $184.52

Saving Money with Current Medigap Rates

On a visit to Surfside Beach Club, I personally met some of my clients. Most of them are Medicare recipients who were already on Medicare and had Medicare Supplements in place.

When I first spoke with Connie, she was paying $212 a month with a large insurance company. The one that many seniors gravitate to when turning 65. Her premium was way too high. I showed her how the Medigap Plan F she had was the same Plan F with other insurance companies.

Connie saw the value in replacing her policy and the positive long term financial effect. Connie’s Medigap Plan F is now with another insurance company, but she still has the same exact benefits…nothing changed, except her premium.

Her premium with the new insurance company was locked for one year.

Connie saved $72 a month and $864 over twelve months.

Connie was so pleased she has since referred some of her friends.

Chris and Diane also have Medicare Supplement insurance in Surfside Beach, SC. Like Connie, they were with a major insurance company who had been consistently raising their premium. Each of them were paying a little over $200 a month for Plan F.

Because Chris and Diane didn’t have an Insurance Agent who kept in touch with them, they didn’t know that replacing their Plan F was an option.

Diane was happy to learn that her Plan F would stay Plan F with another insurance company. She, like many other Medicare recipients, didn’t realize that Medigap Plans are standardized.

After speaking with Diane and Chris and sharing with them the insurance companies and premiums available, they quickly decided to let me assist them.

Now they are each paying less than $200 a month for Plan F. Their combined savings is $109 a month and $1,308 over twelve months.

It was such a pleasure to sit down and talk with Connie, Diane, and Chris at Surfside Beach Club in SC. It is a wonderful part of this business that I don’t get to do often, but do cherish the opportunity when it’s available.

Most of my business is done over the phone and through email. Many people like this low key way of meeting. There are no high pressure sales tactics used. Just information provided so you can make an informed decision.

Other Reasons to Consider Working with REMEDIGAP

Clients of ours have peace of mind. No more do they have to go online, enter personal information, call insurance carriers, attend seminars, or invite agents into their home. They now have one person to contact for their current and future needs regarding Medicare Supplement insurance Surfside Beach South Carolina.


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Medicare Supplement Insurance Surfside Beach South Carolina

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