Medicare Supplement Insurance Longs South Carolina

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Are you looking for Medicare Supplement Insurance rates in Longs, South Carolina?

Do you have Medicare Supplement insurance or are new to Medicare? If so, we can help you find insurance rates for Medigap in South Carolina. We have contracts with many Medicare Supplement insurance companies.  All of them provide competitive rates on Medigap policies in Longs, SC.

Here’s a look at 2016 Medicare Supplement rates for Plan G, non-tobacco, zip code 29568.

  • Female, age 65 — $97.08
  • Female, age 70 — $109.83
  • Female, age 75 — $129.83
  • Male, age 65 —  $107.43
  • Male, age 70 —   $121.37
  • Male, age 75 — $146.01

My Trip to Longs and a Visit with Clients

When I first met Joanne and Roger, they were each paying $234 a month.  They were frustrated with the rate increases from the large insurance company.  After some consultation, we determined that only Joanne would medically qualify for a new policy.

While there would be some savings with replacing Plan F with another Plan F, there would be more  savings with Plan G. Since Roger had to keep his plan,  it made sense to lower Joanne’s premium as much as possible.  This would help offset Roger’s high premium.

senior ladies photoBy choosing Plan G, Joanne would be paying the $183 Part B deductible herself (Part B was increased to $183 in 2017).  After meeting that small deductible, all her Medicare approved charges would be covered…just like with Plan F.

Her Medigap Plan G premium with the new insurance company was locked for one year.  She saved $100 a month and $1,200 over twelve months.

Joanne was so pleased that she referred her sister-in-law.  Nancy was new to Medicare and needed to get Supplemental Medicare insurance in Longs, South Carolina.

Nancy was turning 65. Her circumstances were a little bit different than Joanne’s.  Since she was in her Initial Enrollment Period, she did not have to answer any health questions.

After determining that Medigap Plan G was a good fit for her, she applied with the insurance company with the lowest premium.  This made sense because Medicare Supplements are standardized.   This means that Plan G is identical with every insurance company.

Nancy got a low premium and great comprehensive coverage.  Had she called a large carrier directly, her Medicare Supplement insurance premium would be higher.  If she wanted a lower premium, the large insurance company would have offered a plan with less benefits…not ideal.

Nancy moved forward with my help and  saved herself $48 a month or $576 over twelve months.

Meeting clients personally is wonderful. I cherish the opportunity when it’s available.  Most of my business, however, is done over the phone and through computer screen sharing.

What I gathered from my visit was a feeling of thankfulness.  Joanne and Nancy needed Medicare Supplement Insurance and they were pleased with the savings associated with Plan G.

No longer do they have to go online, enter personal information, call insurance carriers, attend seminars, or invite unknown agents into their home.

They now have one person to contact for their current and future Medigap needs.

 Updated: 05/05/2016

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Medicare Supplement Insurance Longs South Carolina

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