Lower your Medicare supplement insurance cost..only if you take action

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Your Medicare Supplement insurance cost is high. You want to lower it, but how’s your health?


Healthy enough to save you hundreds or thousands of dollars off of your Medicare supplement insurance costs?

I recently had the opportunity to help Mrs. G, a lovely 71 year young lady from South Carolina. Her Medicare supplement insurance cost $212 a month for Medigap Plan F.  She was motivated and ready to take action and get control over her insurance dollars.  In a telephone appointment, she answered all the qualifying health questions successfully.  In reMEDIGAP’s online appointment, she viewed current rates of over 15 Medigap companies on her computer.  She chose the lowest Medigap Plan F premium from a company that she could medically qualify.  Mrs. G is now saving $864 a year because she took action.

You may be asking, “Medically qualify?” ” Qualifying health questions?”  What does that mean?

Mrs. G was originally concerned because she said she wasn’t a perfect picture of health.  I explained that she didn’t have to have perfect health to qualify for a lower Medigap premium.  You see, specific illnesses and conditions will not pass underwriting requirements.  When this happens, you lose the opportunity to shop for a better insurance rate with other companies.  Leaving you stuck with your current company, their high premiums and yearly rate increases. Mrs. G didn’t wait.  SHE TOOK ACTION!

Mrs. G answered some basic qualifying health questions that all Medigap companies ask.  This put her in a great position to lower her Medicare supplement insurance cost ($72 a month).  She was able to keep the same Plan F that she had, but at a much lower cost.  Mrs. G kept her same doctors, hospitals and benefits because they all accept Medicare.

Mrs. G is like most of our clients when I first speak with them. She was unaware that she could change plans with other companies without changing or losing her benefits.  I educated her about how Medigap plans are standardized by the government and not the insurance companies.  Cost is the only difference between Medigap plans with the same plan letter.

By taking action now you are able to put savings in place.  Which puts you in control of your insurance dollars.

Updated:  01/23/2016

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