What’s the best Medigap Plan when traveling with an RV?

What’s the best Medigap Plan when traveling with an RV?

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RV Travel and Medicare Supplement Insurance

Traveling by RV or motorhome means you need Medicare insurance that is just as mobile as you are. The only Medicare health product with freedom and portability is Medigap.

How can I use Medigap insurance on the road?

Simple. No Networks.

When you visit a new city, you can see any provider that accepts Medicare. No referrals and no networks to tie you down.

Medicare has a large provider network

The vast majority of providers across the country are still accepting Original Medicare. A Kaiser Family Foundation report from 2014 indicates that less than 1 percent of doctors have decided to fully opt out of Medicare.

Don’t panic if you hear about doctors leaving Medicare. In most cases, this is referring to doctors leaving a Medicare Advantage network. These networks are managed care plans and don’t apply to original Medicare or Medigap.

When you have Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, you have Original Medicare. You are free to see any doctor in the United States who accepts Medicare without service area restrictions. The same holds true with your Medigap plan. It can be used with any Medicare provider or Medicare approved facility. You can visit Medicare and search the provider database for the area you are visiting.

RV Travel and Medicare Supplement Insurance: You Can Have Both

The scariest thing you could do is give up Original Medicare for a Medicare Advantage Plan. You’ll lose the ability to take your health insurance with you across the country. Medicare Advantage Plans have networks that you must use in your service area. Your service area is where you live and where you purchased the Advantage Plan. When you travel outside your service area, you can’t use other networks.

In contrast, Medicare and Medigap allow you to move freely about and see any provider who accepts Medicare. No referrals and no networks are needed with Medigap and Medicare insurance.

Important points about Medigap plans for full-time or part-time RV travelers:

  • Portability: Medigap plans do not have network restrictions.  Medigap plans can be used anywhere Medicare is accepted.
  • Benefits: Only Medigap plans work with your Medicare card to fill in the gaps of what Medicare does not cover. Medicare Advantage plans do NOT supplement Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans replace Original Medicare.
  • Simplicity: No referrals are needed and Medigap claims are processed electronically. Insureds do not have to file paperwork.
  • Standardization: The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) standardized all Medigap Plans. This means that your coverage is going to have identical benefits regardless of who you buy it from. In other words, there may be 20 companies selling Medigap Plan F. All 20 Medigap Plan F’s are going to have the same exact benefits.  The only difference is price.
  • Guaranteed Renewable: As long as you pay the premiums, your Medigap plan is guaranteed renewable for life. Medigap companies can’t cancel your coverage or reduce benefits.  On the flip side, Medicare Advantage plans renew their contracts annually.  It is common for Medicare Advantage plans to reduce benefits or even leave a service area.
RV Travel and Medicare Supplement insurance

What’s the best Medigap Plan when traveling?

Your Medigap benefits will work the same in every state no matter if you rent a camper or own your RV… just as long as you visit a Medicare provider or facility.

Plan F

Medigap Plan F also known as Medicare Supplement Plan F is historically the most popular standardized Medigap plan. You pay your premium and your Medicare deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance are covered. You can visit any doctor who accepts Medicare and no referrals are needed.

Beginning 2020, insurance carriers will no longer be able to sell Plan F due to legislation passed by Congress. If you buy Plan F before 2020, you’ll be grandfathered in and get to keep the plan benefits — as long as you continue paying your premium.

Plan G

Medigap Plan G which is also referred to as Medicare Supplement Plan G is gaining popularity. Insurance companies are pushing Plan G because it requires the policyholder to pay the annual $185 Part B deductible. After the Part B deductible is met, Plan G works just like Plan F. Market rate history has shown that Plan G has lower and more stable rate increases than Plan F.

Plan N

Medigap Plan N or Medicare Supplement Plan N has one of the lowest premiums. The unique benefit structure is great for the budget minded person who is in good health. Plan N requires the beneficiary to pay the annual Part B deductible and small co-pays for office visits. In addition, Plan N will not cover excess charges when a doctor doesn’t accept Medicare Assignment. Like all Medigap policies, Plan N will allow you to visit any doctor who accepts Medicare.

I’m traveling, how can I buy Medigap?

You can’t buy Medigap from Medicare. And, if you call an insurance carrier you won’t get a discount buying direct…so why bother.

Instead, get your questions answered, compare plans and receive ongoing service from an independent agent. At REMEDIGAP we aren’t employed by insurance companies. Instead, we choose to hold contracts with insurers and we’ll offer their plan if it’s a good fit for you.

Our service is always free. REMEDIGAP is here to support you without high pressure sales tactics. When you have questions, we’ll answer them. When you want a quote, we’ll send it your way. When you want to apply for coverage, we’ll guide you through the process.

  • Call us directly at 888-411-1329
  • Chat with us online or leave a comment below.
  • Request a quote and we’ll send a personalized comparison to your email address.
  • Email us your questions at service@remedigap.com.

Thank you for reading RV Travel and Medicare Supplement Insurance. Note that Medigap Plan F, Plan G and Plan N may also be referred to as Medicare Part F, Part G and Part N. However, they are not officially Medicare Parts but fall under the category of Medigap and Medicare Supplement insurance.

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