How Can You Lower Your Medicare Supplement Premium?

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Here are 4 Ways to Lower Your Medicare Supplement Premium

Sometimes a busy schedule can cause you to put things off…like saving money on your Medicare Supplement insurance premium.  Perhaps you may think it is a lengthy process and the money saved is not enough to warrant the amount of time and effort to change insurance carriers.

This is a common misconception. It only takes a small amount of time to compare premiums for the same Medigap Plan F, G, or N you already have.

About a half hour out of your day could save you potentially $300, $500, $800 or more a year.

Often, we go out of our way and spend time trying to save a few pennies here and there on various items and services.  At the grocery store, for instance, there might be a coffee creamer you really like but the price keeps going up.

Coffee creamer may be something you don’t want to give up, so you keep paying the ever increasing price.  Then, one day, you see a new coffee creamer on the shelf.  You take a look at the ingredients and they are identical to your favorite coffee creamer.

The packaging is a little different and the price is lower, but you know it’s the exact same coffee creamer.  You decide to go ahead and buy the lower priced item because it’s the EXACT SAME PRODUCT.

The coffee creamer is like a Medigap Policy. You can get the same product…it just has a different package (id card) and a lower price (premium).

4 Ways to Lower Your Medicare Supplement Premium:

  1. Contact us at 1-888-411-1329 or complete the quote request form
  2. Compare the quote to your current premium.
  3. Answer some qualifying health questions.
  4. Submit an application with the insurance company.

Your time is valuable and that is why our appointments are easy and time efficient. We have streamlined the process so that all your questions can be answered by email or phone. It’s your choice.

There is never any pressure from us. In fact, after reviewing your current premium, we may tell you a change is not necessary.

The quickest way to see if you can save money is to complete step #1:  Contact us at 1-888-411-1329.

I’ll leave you with an example of someone who completed the 4 quick steps and ended up saving $1,300 a year!

Mrs. S, in South Carolina, wasn’t sure about changing plans.  Her friend (one of my clients) kept telling her she could get a lower premium for the same exact PLAN F Medicare Supplement she already had.

Mrs. S decided to check with me.  In a quick review, we determined her and her husband had high Medigap premiums.

I immediately shared my computer screen so they could see the insurance companies and premiums available.  In just a couple minutes, they were ready to answer the health questions and submit an application.

Two days later I called to congratulate them on the approval of their new Medigap PLAN F policies. Mrs. S was very appreciative and said they had been trying to find ways to save money, but didn’t know they could do it by getting a lower Medicare Supplement insurance premium…saving them $109 a month!

Please contact me today so I can help you lower your Medicare Supplement premium.

I look forward to helping you.Lower Your Medicare Supplement Premium

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