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Insurance Companies Like Plan G and You Should Too

Insurance Companies Like Plan G and You Should Too

Medigap Plan G is getting a lot of attention.  Insurance companies like Plan G and you should too.  Whether you are new to Medicare or a seasoned Medicare beneficiary, the news about Medigap Plan G rates could benefit you.

In many states Medigap Plan G rates are DECREASING.  Multiple Insurance companies want Plan G business and are competing with each other to offer the best rates on Plan G.  One major insurance company reduced Plan G premiums in 18 states…ranging from 6% to a 22% reduction.

Insurance companies can’t change the benefits associated with Medigap Plans, but they can offer different rates. By shopping the insurance market, you can take advantage of the Medigap Plan G price war.

Why do insurance companies like Plan G?  If you’re familiar with Medigap Plan F, then you know that this plan covers all deductibles, coinsurance and co-pays. This is referred to as first dollar coverage. Many seniors have this plan and overuse it. This drives the cost of Plan F higher and higher.

Medigap Plan G is a great alternative to Plan F.  It has the same exact benefits after meeting the annual Part B deductible. The rates with Plan G are usually lower than Plan F. History has shown that Plan G rate increases are more stable than Plan F. The insurance companies see the true value in this plan and want more people to buy Plan G vs Plan F.

Simply put, most Plan G recipients use the plan when they need to (not for a little sneeze or hang nail) and the group of Plan G users are generally healthier than Plan F recipients. This keeps medical pay outs down. This is good for the insurance company and when it comes to insurance premiums…good for you as well.

If you already have Plan G, will you see a rate decrease?  That depends on your insurance company. If they are lowering their rates you may not see it until your policy renews. You can always call your Medigap company or contact me at I’ll help you figure out where your Medigap Plan G stands in comparison to others.

What if you already have Plan F?  Now’s a great time to find out if you can qualify for Plan G. Your Plan F rate increases will continue to push your premium closer and closer to $200 a month. Waiting to see when (not if) that will happen could cost you. There are many people using Plan F and the insurance companies raise premiums to help offset their costs.

If you want to see what’s happening with Plan G in your area, you can reach me several ways.

  1. Submit Quote Request
  2. Phone:  888-411-1329
  3. Email:  [email protected]

I’m here to help and happy to give you a second opinion on your current Medigap Plan and it’s premium.  Just in case you are wondering, this service is free.  As an independent licensed insurance broker, I am compensated by the insurance company.

Call (888) 411-1329 for your free consultation today!

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8 thoughts on “Insurance Companies Like Plan G and You Should Too”

  1. Turning 65 January 9th 2017. In need of advice on plan F and G. No health issues to date and only 2 prescription meds daily.
    Any additional information would be greatly appreciated. Check best plan for the best buck!! Currently uninsured due to self employment. Spouse also, just a year from Medicare himself.

    1. Hi Paula,
      Thank you for reaching out to me regarding Medicare Supplement insurance. I’m happy to answer all your questions and help you sign up for Medigap.

  2. i take eight prescriptions (some more than one pill per day, 1 – 9, 2 – 2 times and am wondering how good the prescription coverage is. I also take over the counter meds, (80 mg aspirin, magnesium oxide, multi vitamin and vitamin d – 400.cost is a major factor for my prescriptions. so I need to make sure I am covered. Last year my total scripts cost a little over 15,000.00 and I had to pay out 800.00 in co-pay. plus 2,400.00 over all deductions, can medigap plan G do that or better? Going on Medicare 1st of Feb.

    1. Hi Jean… Medigap Plans, like Plan G, do not cover prescription medications. So you want to find a Part D (drug) plan that will give you the lowest estimated costs based on your medications. Here’s a link to my video on how to find the right Part D drug plan (easy step by step instructions).How to find a Part D (drug plan)

  3. I will be turning 65 in June 2018, I live in the state of Virginia,some companies are telling me I can sign up for supplement plans (part g or f) as of December 1 (6 months before) or do I have to wait until 3 months before I turn 65?

    1. Hi John….it’s true that you can sign up for Medigap 6 months before your 65th birthday month in the state of Virginia, and your plan will begin June 1, 2018. Many times your are encouraged sign up early to lock in your rate. But, if you don’t feel like you’re ready to enroll in December, you can wait. Rates don’t change frequently, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on a good deal. The 3 month period before your 65th birthday begins your Initial Enrollment Period and is in regards to applying for Medicare (Part A & B) and Part D drug coverage.

  4. Is the deductible for Plan G per calendar year or according to enrollment period? I will not be 65 until Sept 2018. Do I have to meet the full deductible from Sept to Dec, and then start over Jan 2019; or is it from Sept 2018 thru Aug 2019?
    What are the Insurance companies that offer this coverage in Northeast Louisiana?

    1. Hi Gloria…Medicare’s Part B Deductible is based on the calendar year (Jan – Dec). Since you are turning 65 in September, any Medicare claims between Sept and Dec will be applied to 2018. The Part B Deductible will reset January 2019. In Louisiana, you have many insurance carriers to choose from – large and small companies with varying rates. The best way to find out who offers coverage is to request a quote, and we will customize a list of insurance carriers for your review.

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