Choosing A Medigap Plan Handbook

Choosing A Medigap Plan Handbook

Choosing a Medigap PlanIt doesn’t matter if you are new to Medicare or already have a Medicare Supplement.

It’s in your best interest to have a copy of the official handbook from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.  It has a wealth of information on Medigap plans and your rights.  

Click here for the most recent Choosing A Medigap Policy Handbook or click on the 2015 Choosing a Medigap Policy picture on the left side of the page. 


Looking for the best value when it comes to Medicare Supplement premiums?


 Page 34 explains that “PRICE“ is the only difference when comparing Medigap policies that are the same plan letter.

The picture below is a copy taken directly from the Choosing A Medigap Plan handbook.  Many people think the best Medigap plan comes from the largest and most popular insurance carrier. Often that’s their first choice when turning 65. However, after several rate increases it becomes apparent that maybe that wasn’t the best choice. The Medigap guide reviews the reasons you would want to switch plans. Price being one of the them.


Why would you change Medicare Supplement companies
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