2023 Annual Election Period

Drug Plan Review

Two Drug plan Finder Options

We’ve put together 2 new ways to help you find your drug plan for next year.

Please watch both videos below before choosing an option.

1. Do It Yourself

OPTION #1 (watch Joann’s video 1st)

For those of you that are comfortable navigating your Medicare.gov account, we made a video for you. It will walk you through how to find the top plans directly inside your Medicare.gov account. 

Play Video
Play Video


OPTION #2 (watch Michael’s video before you click the button below)

If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, don’t worry! We’re always here to help you. There are a couple of ways we can help you this year. First, watch the video to get a quick overview of how REMEDIGAP will conduct drug plan reviews this year. When you’re done watching the video, click the button. It will take you to our form which will allow you to share your medications.